Non-ferrous scrap trading

Non-ferrous scrap trading

1. Outline

We started exporting within the Asian market in 2011, beginning with only one material: insulated copper cable.
Through our constant efforts and the highest integrity which iron-men should possess, we have steadily increased the number of customers we serve as well as the amount of scrap items we process.
As of now, in addition to insulated copper wire, we are engaged in the export of items such as aluminium scrap and stainless steel scrap. We export to countries such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and India.
We are highly grateful to all our customers for their business.

2. Quality

In order to sustain our business, we place a great emphasis on quality. Skilled iron-men with strong responsibility sort through materials under our strict classification standards. This spirit and tradition are passed down from senior to junior colleagues. An importer who visited our facility in person before his final decision to purchase our materials, expressed his relief after watching how we iron-men work in the yard. You are always welcome to witness our enthusiasm as well!

3. Outlook

We are determined to enhance our business in the field of non-ferrous scrap exportation in terms of the quantity of materials exported and the number of countries which we export to. Metallic mines will see an end one day, but we aim to continue the usefulness of refined metals for generations to come.